New Year Big Plans

New Year Big Plans and You

Welcome to the last week of 2015. I hope it has been a good year for you. It has been an exciting year here at CrossRoads, and it has all been about what you have done as part of our church family. I have no doubt that in the New Year we will see God’s big plans continue to take shape here at CrossRoads.

Last spring we began to work on a new strategy for giving people an opportunity to hear the message of Christ and to take his Kingdom outside the walls of our church. At the time we had four small groups made up of people attending CrossRoads on Sunday morning. I issued you a challenge to begin listening for people in your life asking spiritual questions. You responded. Over the next nine months you listened, and God moved. We now have nine small groups meeting each week. Five of those groups are places our CrossRoads folks get together to love and support one another. Four of those groups are made up of people outside of CrossRoads – many of whom do not have a “Sunday morning church” they call home. Many weeks we have more people getting together in our small groups than come to worship in our building on Sunday morning. It’s been exciting to see our small groups become the heart of ministry for us.

As our small groups have grown, I’ve watched a new ministry paradigm become reality for us. One day this fall I was sitting in a meeting with pastors from other churches in our area. We were talking about how to get better at doing ministry within a specific demographic in our community. (For those of you who haven’t spent your lives around church, ministry is a church word for meeting people’s needs.) As I listened to the speaker at that meeting, I realized that our small groups have not become one of  our ministries. They have become how we do ministry. They have become the way you are meeting one another’s needs for support, friendship, growing in Christ and sometimes even when financial emergencies strike. Your commitment to this new idea for touching lives is reshaping our church to become a movement in our community for Christ. Make sure not to miss out this January as we take a look at Riding the Wave God started this year.

So, what does God have in store for 2016? Of course, none of us knows for sure, but if the last nine months is any reflection of what’s to come, I can’t wait to see what the new year has for us. Make sure not to miss this January as we talk about the next wave in the movement God has started!

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