Love and Taxes

What do love and taxes have to do with one another? I spent almost my whole week doing my taxes. I know most of you knocked that out six months ago, but it’s been one of those years at the Atwell house. Not that I’m complaining about how our country does things, but what a mess! As I reflected on this experience, I had a thought: I wonder if people think getting things right with God is as hard as doing our taxes?

Just imagine… So, God probably gave me life – I probably owe him for that. But I’ve done some good things for people I care about, so that’s probably a credit for me. I’ve also done some bad things. That can’t be good. I’ do done some good things with people, but do I get full or partial credit for that?  I wonder if there’s something else I can get credit for…

Next week we will be talking about the question, “Can I know God personally?” If you know someone who has been asking questions about God, invite them to check out a small group next week or our service next Sunday. The good news for us is not in our experience of God but in the reality of a God who personally footed the bill for us.

Often when I have heard Christians talk about a personal relationship with God, they have followed up that idea with a list of things this relationship fixed about them. Is that what salvation is about? Is it about God fixing us? Or is it about God loving us whether we are fixed or not? Is love about being fixed?

Don’t miss next week’s small groups and Sunday’s service as we talk about our personal God’s deep love for us, maybe even if we’re not interested in being fixed.

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