The least likely to start a movement

Have you figured it out yet? Your life is about making a difference. This past Sunday we discussed an idea that is near to the heart of who we are at CrossRoads. My dream for our church is that we would be a church that makes a difference offering people the life, love and purpose we have found in Christ. In Acts 4 we found that it was some of the least visible people who touched the most lives as the church was getting its start. That same reality is true today.

God shook the world through the lives of men and women whose names we will never know this side of eternity. Through their prayers and shared lives they impacted the lives around them and brought the kingdom of heaven to our world. They supported the Apostles as they traveled Asia and Europe with the message of Christ. They gave the people who came to believe the gospel a place to call home. They endured persecution and trials to become a movement that would shape the future and point toward eternity.

The next two Sundays are going to be critical to our success leaving our footprint in the lives of the people around us. This Sunday we will take a look at how God takes some of the least likely lives and uses them to turn the world upside down. Then, make sure not to miss Sunday, March 1st. This will be a big day for our church as we give you a taste of the power of small groups during our Sunday morning service. I can’t wait for you to experience the way the love and power of God are shared as his people share their lives.

See you Sunday!
Pastor Jonathan

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