Dreaming Together

Dreaming together

Let’s spend some time dreaming together. This fall CrossRoads is at an interesting place. Over the next year, we have some important decisions to make together. Before we start making those decisions, I want to hear from you.

God’s plans are about us (not me)

I like to know what’s on the mind of people who are part of CrossRoads as well as out living life in the rest of the world. One of my favorite parts about the way God does things is that his plans involve us. Not just me. As a pastor, I have invested time and energy in knowing God’s word. I have had some special training to learn how to teach people about Jesus. But, God has made us a family. Families do things together. They live life together. They make decisions together. And, families dream together.

The next year here at CrossRoads is going to be a big year in the life of our church. We are going to be making decisions that will start us down a path we will walk for the next five to ten years. So, as part of God’s family, I want to know what your heart is for our little family of God.

Dreaming questions waiting for your response…

Here are a few questions I would like you to think about and respond to via email or in the comments. I really appreciate your thoughts as we look forward to an exciting year taking new steps and becoming an even better place to follow Jesus.

What do you want to see us be able to do we are not able to do now?

What would make our church an even better place to worship and serve Christ?

What other thoughts do you have about what you would like to see us do or who you would like to see us become as a church?

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