Christmas Fun at CrossRoads Church


Christmas fun is important to us at CrossRoads Church!

Have you been to those Holiday Parties that are all about dressing up, minding your manners and making a good impression? Me, too. Thankfully, our Christmas parties are about sharing Christmas fun together. Of course there are moments to take life seriously, but, seriously, when we get a chance to push the pause button on life and enjoy one another’s company, let’s make the most of it.

Friday night was one of those opportunities for our ladies. They laughed together and fought (Is that too strong a word?) over Christmas ornaments for a couple hours at our annual Ladies Ornament Exchange. As you can tell from the pictures, they enjoyed every minute of it.

These moments are important. Fun and games give us the chance to get to know one another, share our lives, test each others boundaries and deepen our friendships with hugs, smiles and laughter. Then, when the harder, not-so-fun moments of life come along, we have a foundation that helps us care for one another well.

Good news. The fun and games are not over this Christmas at CrossRoads. Today after our Sunday worship Santa Claus will be making an appearance. He’ll share cookies, stories and photos with our families. Then, at 6:30 on Christmas Eve we will all get together to sing Christmas carols, read the Christmas story and light candles together. We hope your family will be part of the Christmas fun!

Check out our Coming Soon page and our Calendar for more information on upcoming events.

Here are some pictures from the Ladies Ornament Exchange.

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