Pray with us for the nations

I want to invite you to pray with us for the nations this Christmas season. Throughout the New Testament, we read about God’s desire for all people to hear the message of Christ. There are still over 6,000 people groups who do not have a Christian presence among them. Help us pray for these people groups by taking a card from the Christmas tree in our foyer this weekend. Then, pray with your family for that group this Christmas season.

Check out and for more info on Unreached People Groups your family can pray for throughout the year.

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Have a great week. See you Sunday!

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What a fun day at the ballpark!

We had a great day together Sunday. After a service about our confidence before God in Christ, we all went to watch the Rangers together. We took a total of 75 people! Thanks, everyone who came and invited your friends. Make sure to tell your friends thanks for coming and invite them back to CrossRoads soon. A special thanks to Jamey, Autumn and Chris who headed out to the ballpark ahead of us to get lunch ready. What a blast!

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