Have you been watching for life to break out this week?

I hope you were reminded this week that our God makes life break out in the lives of people around us. I hope you have been watching for that very thing to happen.

I was thinking about how to describe what this is like, and I remembered a from our trip to Rio De Janeiro last spring. We took a day during the trip to enjoy the ocean. (It’s OK to take a break while you’re on a mission trip.) As we enjoyed the waves, there were a couple guys at the beach surfing. They spent most of their time just sitting on their surfboards waiting, and waiting, and waiting… Then, when the perfect wave came along, they snapped into action to catch it and ride it back to shore.

Our theme for our small groups is: Pray. Care. Start a movement.┬áLike a good surfer being part of a movement of God can feel like sitting around to people who don’t understand it. However, to those who are looking for God’s work, it’s something much more. It begins with prayer. We pray for the people in our lives who don’t know Christ, who know Christ but are struggling in their faith as well as people who need some kind of provision or healing. Then we care. We do what we can to meet their needs. We are real friends by spending time with them, listening to them and sometimes meeting more tangible needs. We invite them to get together with us when we get together with God’s people. Then, as we pray and care, we watch for life to break out as God is at work in their lives. We watch like a surfer. We don’t limit our view to only the people we have been praying and caring for. We keep our eyes on all the swells in the lives of people around us that might turn into real, life-changing movements of God.

Just last night I saw a couple CrossRoads people I have been praying for. As we talked, they shared their hearts for getting back to following Jesus. They also shared their hearts for a friend who needs some direction. Now they are kicking around starting a small group that would reach out to people who are not currently attending church anywhere. That is what it often looks like when life begins breaking out. People share desires that line up with the kinds of things God is up to. Then, we become the people to help them ride that wave of following Jesus.

Pray with me for our small groups this spring. Ask God to help us build groups that have their eyes open for God’s work. Ask God to use us to start a movement that changes lives as he makes life break out around us.

Have a great rest of the week. Can’t wait to see you Sunday!
Pastor Jonathan

At the CrossRoads

Welcome to our new website! Due to something technical beyond my understanding the CrossRoads site has been toast for the past several weeks. Hopefully we have all the kinks worked out, and we will be able to do a better job of staying in touch.

Thanks for coming back to see us!

Pastor Jonathan