Thanks for sharing the fun at Family Game Night!

Family Game Night was a blast!

gamenight1 gamenight2

Thanks, everyone, for being part of family game night. We all had a great time. The snacks were great. The games were fun. A special thanks to the DeMores and Stuckers for helping put it together. Thank you, Daniel Caceres, for helping with our group games. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. See you Sunday!

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The New Podcast is Here!

Be part of the conversation with our new podcast!

Faith isn’t just something we believe, faith is a conversation. You’re invited to be part of the conversation in our new podcast, Conversations at the CrossRoads. Sit down with Charles, Cos and our Lead Pastor, Jonathan Atwell, as they talk about faith and life together.

You can be part of the conversation by sending your comments and questions to

In this episode: Meet our podcasters, get caught up on what is going on at CrossRoads Church, find out about our small groups and beginning a discussion about the book of Joshua asking the question: “Why would a loving God wipe out so many people?!”

Check this out if you have friends who need Jesus

Do you have friends who need Jesus?

Of course, we all do. Maybe you are considering what all this Jesus stuff is about yourself. During my run this morning I heard a great podcast from the folks at the White Horse Inn. Thier podcasts are always top notch. This one dealt specifically with how we tell our friends about Christ. It’s a conversation with Rico Tice, author of the the book Honest Evangelism. Rico talks about the challenges we all face trying to tell others about Jesus. He has some great points that will both encourage and challenge you. And, he’s British, so he definitely sounds smarter.

Click here to check out the podcast.

Here’s a video trailer for Rico Tice’s book: Honest Evangelism.

Keep your eyes pealed. We will be posting our first Conversations at the CrossRoads podcast in the next couple days. I think you will enjoy it.

Questions about how to read the bible?

Have you ever wondered how to read the Bible? Maybe you asked yourself, “Can anyone really know what this means?” Here’s a short video that does a great job of explaining how to read the Bible in concise, understandable terms. After you’ve taken a minute to watch it, send me a note if you have questions: