Back to the Future

There were a couple surreal moments this week as Back to the Future day came and went. I admit there was some nostalgia as I thought back over the past thirty years of life. It’s funny that thirty years later a sci-fi comedy is causing so many people to ask, “Is this what I expected?” I couldn’t find a radio host Thursday who didn’t banter about the wonder of the iPhone or lament that we aren’t all flying ourselves to work every day.

In 1985 I was a ten-year-old who couldn’t see past his next birthday when Doc Brown set the destination date in the Delorean for October 21, 2015. Having spent half that time here at CrossRoads, as much of my reflection contained images of your lives as my own hopes, dreams, accomplishments and shortcomings.

I remembered the first time Shelly and I walked into the Fossil Creek AMC theater (a little overdressed). I remembered the Saturday morning I missed our dress rehearsal for our fist Sunday in Spicer Elementary because I was filling out a police report after my ’88 Nissan Sentra was broken into. I remembered hours and hours of band rehearsals at Paul and Teresa’s house with a bunch of musicians who made me look like a middle-school kid with a department store guitar. I remembered a smoking section outside our back door full of people who realized we cared so much about them, we weren’t going to judge them for a bad habit. I remembered Guy who had been burned by a church where he had served leading music and found healing and love as his daughter and her friends found a home in our youth ministry. I remembered Rob who knew he wanted to find Jesus but found CrossRoads to be the first church that communicated the message of Jesus in an understandable, non-threatening way (without people who freaked him out). I remembered Ed cruising up to the elementary school in his wheelchair, and I remembered conversations with him about eternity has he watched it bearing down on him like an out-of-control freight train – with the confidence of a man who had found his savior.

I can’t say that I’m surprised about what our world looks like in 2015. (I’m not sure I ever bought into flying cars.) I guess the one thing that surprises me most about our church is best summed up in the words of Karen who called CrossRoads, “the best kept secret here in North Texas.” I think she was right – and still is. My hope for our church fifteen or thirty years from now is that we would be able to communicate how much love there is in this place, how much joy we find in Christ and how willing we are to accept people who are looking for a savior. If you have found what Karen, Guy, Rob and Ed found as part of CrossRoads, I want to ask you to do one simple thing: keep letting the secret out. I am confident that we will continue to see God do great things as people find him here with us.

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