About Us

10:15 Sundays at 6331 Boulevard 26, Suite 250 in North Richland Hills 76180

CrossRoads Church was started in 1998 to be a church for people who don’t go to church. From the beginning this has made us different because we are a different kind of people than you will find at most churches. From the time you walk in the door you will notice that we don’t “feel” like church. We are different. We think sometimes different is good.

We care more about family and friendship than what you wear on Sunday mornings, so don’t feel like you need to dress up. We are more interested in the love, hope and freedom we find in Christ than following rules. And we are so convinced of God’s love for people that we invest our time, energy and treasure in things like helping refugees from the other side of the world find a place to fit in Fort Worth or going to the slums of Rio De Janeiro to help people understand God’s love. We are not the biggest church around, but we just might be the best. We would love for your family to see what different looks like this Sunday!