Thanks Mom!

Can we possibly say enough good things about our moms? Mom is the person who always cares. Whether it’s a skinned knee or a real heartbreak, Mom is always there ready to care for us. Mom is the person who always gives. How many opportunities has your mother sacrificed for you to become who you are? It’s hard to be Mom in a broken world, but it’s a sure bet your mom did the best she could. Moms, thanks for all you do for us. Most of us couldn’t ask for a better example of how God works to nurture and care for us than you provide. How are you going to go out of your way to say thanks to your mom today? I know we can’t possibly say enough, but there’s no doubt if you put your heart in it (along with a little time and elbow grease) she will hear how much you appreciate her. Use the comments to share how you are going to say thanks to your mom today.