3 Steps to a Great Easter

Share a Great Easter with Us at CrossRoads Church

3 Steps to a Great Easter

Here are some ideas to think about as your family gets ready for a great Easter this year:

1: Pray for a Great Easter

The first way to get ready for a great Easter is to pray. I’m a pastor, so I have to say that, right? So, what should we be praying for? Easter is about Jesus’ resurrection.

First, pray for me! Pray that your pastor would get ready for a great Easter by preparing to share the message of Jesus’ death and resurrection clearly, effectively and, maybe, in a way that’s a little entertaining, too.

Pray for yourself and your family. As you get ready for Easter, pray that God would make it a special day for your family. You and your children should look forward to Easter. There are always some challenges involved with getting ready for big days. Ask God to help you get ready for a great Easter by planning through Easter morning to make it fun, not stressful.

Pray for your family and friends. One of the most important aspects of getting ready for Easter is giving people in your life the opportunity to hear what Jesus did for them. Pray that God would show you the people in your life who have spiritual questions and might like to know what God has done for them. Pray for people who are already on your mind that God would give them a desire to spend Easter Sunday with you at church.

2: Plan for a Great Easter

How is Easter going to be special to your family this year? One if the things to remember as you get ready for a great Easter is Christmas. Yes, Christmas! Why does your family look forward to Christmas? PRESENTS, right? Maybe, but remember how much planning went into all your Christmas events? What if you spent some time this week getting ready for a great Easter by planning how Easter Sunday can be a blast for your family. Maybe a fun breakfast together that involves a little sweet tooth satisfaction alongside a healthy breakfast. (Have you ever tried a few jelly beans in an otherwise healthy cereal?) An Easter egg hunt with friends is always  fun. Every year we have a free Easter egg hunt right after church. Yes, I know Easter is about Jesus’ resurrection not a bunny and eggs full of candy, but what’s wrong with some fun, too? What about lunch? If you’ve ever been out to eat on Easter, you know it’s one of the best Sundays for lunch at home – maybe even hosting one of your friends’ families. Make sure to plan for families in your life who might need a place to attend church. Plan on inviting them. Why would they want to attend a church where they don’t know anyone if they can sit next to a friend?

3: Have Fun

(Yes, I ran out of Ps.) As you get ready for a great Easter, have fun. We can work at praying, but prayer is not work. It’s talking to our heavenly Father. As we get ready for Easter we can pray when we get a minute or when we are in the middle of life’s hustle and bustle. Planning can also be a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. Maybe you can put the kids to bed a few minutes early one night this week and spend some time talking about Easter with your spouse. Maybe over your favorite refreshment. (Everything’s more fun with food, right?) When it comes to inviting the people in your life to church, let them know we’re going to have a good time together. I don’t know why a parent would pass up a free Easter egg hunt. If you don’t want to fight the crowds, but you don’t like to cook, check to see if a restaurant your family enjoys will let you order carryout. (If you don’t like doing dishes, pick up some festive disposable ones.) Maybe if you invited a good friend to come to Easter worship with you, you could have lunch together.

I know getting ready for any big day can be challenging. I’m excited that God has a great Easter planned for us at CrossRoads. I hope you will make CrossRoads part of this important day for you.